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Wanting to go back in- Screenplay

Updated: Apr 4, 2021


This is a short screenplay showing the story of a young girl going through some stuff. She fell out with her old best friend, she’s getting bullied, her mum abuses her and she’s hiding a huge secret. When this secret comes out, she will do anything to get away from the consequences. Her mind is going a mile a minute, and so is her mum's rage filled fists.

Characters (In order of appearance):

Jade: Main Character. 14 years old. Skinny build, long blonde hair, slightly dirty looking as if she’s being neglected. Dark eyeliner and pale faced, ragged hand me down clothes, yet slightly fashionable. Very intelligent but shy to speak up to people in authority, but very loud and vibrant with friends. Nervous when it comes to confrontation.

Tessa: Jade’s best friend. 14 years old. Slightly larger in stature, short brown hair styled in a bob cut, clean and well presented. Known as a ‘goody goody’ and is very respectful of everyone. Gets bullied for her weight and is friends with Jade as she stood up for Tessa. Also very intelligent, and stays out of the limelight.

Ava: Jade’s ex best friend. 14 years old. Tall, skinny girl, with long blonde hair. Stereotypical blonde, boobed and popular girl. Slightly bitchy, but has been friends with Jade since primary school. Stylish clothes, mainly in the colour pink. Intelligent but hides it to keep reputation.

Mrs Reed: Head of Jade’s Year. 32 years old. Tall, slim and an authoritarian. Scary looking teacher, very strict when it comes to uniform. Sympathetic towards Jade as she’s aware of her home situation, and pushes Jade to be the best she can.

Mum: Mother to Jade. 45 years old. Skinny, grey haired woman. Saggy skin from previous drug use. always wearing some form of tracksuit bottoms, and a baggy fitting t-shirt with some form of an offensive saying on it. Always smoking a cigarette, also with dirty hands with an unkempt appearance.

Ali: Shopkeeper. 29 years old. Asian man with long black hair and a long black curly beard. Wearing blue baggy jeans and a plain white t-shirt. Friendly towards all his customers.

Girl 1: Bully. 15 years old. Large ‘Chavy’ looking girl, Long blonde hair tied up in a messy bun, heavy makeup and fake tan.

Girl 2: Bully. 14 years old. Skinny ‘Chavy’ looking girl, Long brown hair tied up in a messy bun, heavy makeup and fake tan.

Girl 3: Bully. 15 years old. Large ‘Chavy’ looking girl, Shoulder length blonde hair, fashioned down, with a large clip. Heavy fake tan, and long acrylic nails.

Ellie: Older sister to Jade. 20 years old. Tall, medium build, fashionable style. Short brown hair, styled into two french plaits. Moved out to university but comes back for holidays and to check in on Jade. Very loving towards Jade and has a strained relationship with their mum.

Officer 1: Police Officer. 35 years old. Large build, muscly, shaved head.

Officer 2: Police Officer. 33 years old. Medium build, muscly, short brown hair gelled back.


JADE is sitting at a picnic table in the school yard with friend TESSA talking. Sun is shining and they are both eating lunch.


This school is a joke. Three times I've been called some form of derivative slur today, and lunch isn't even over yet. Are you okay?


Of course not Tessa. I don't know who told, but people know about Ava.


It wasn’t me I swear! What have people been saying?


What haven't they been saying. My mums gonna kill me.


You are crazy! You haven't told her have you?


Of course not, I don't have a death wish. But she probably will, I'm surprised you didn't know, everyone's talking about it.


Im what is considered to be a ‘Nerd’, people don't tell me shit.

JADE laughs and they continue to eat their lunch. They see MISS REED heading towards them and they both straighten their ties and tuck their shirts in.


Jade… can i have a word?



What’s up Miss?


Everything alright? I’ve heard some murmurs.

JADE looks embarrassed and looks down at the floor and twiddles her thumbs. TESSA packs up her lunch and waves goodbye to JADE and goes off.


Please don’t tell anyone.


I’m not a gossip. I just wanted to make sure you’re okay? Kids your age can be horrible about that stuff. They arent harassing you are they?


No, a few names have been thrown about, but nothing I can't handle.


A large group of unruly school children, with purple ties wrapped around their heads, surrounding a rusty beaten old car. They are banging on the window and the side of the doors, yelling abusive but muffled shouts at the younger of the females, who sits silently in the back seat sobbing. MUM, who is in the driver’s seat, shouting back at the children and swatting the windows back at them. She drives off the pavement and drives incautiously down the road away from the group of screaming preteens. JADE is sat to the back left of MUM. She has her long blonde hair tied into a plait that goes down to her mid-back. She is in a dishevelled school uniform with a purple and black striped tie. She sits with her head in her hands crying harshly whilst MUM looks at her quizzically. MUM’s hands are gripping the steering wheel so harshly, they are wrinkled with bruises around the knuckles. JADE rolls down her sleeves to hide the multiple scars on her wrist.


What… the fuck… was that?

JADE doesn’t reply. She sits looking out the car window, tears rolling down her face. MUM callously smacks JADE’s leg through the seats.


(Sobbing into her hands)

It’s nothing mum. i’m sorry.


You’re lucky they didn’t scratch the fucking car. You’ve obviously done something. Why else would they try and attack you?


They weren’t trying to attack me. They were just picking on me.



Who wouldn’t, you little shit? What is it this time? Do you like a boy or something? Not even a rapist would want you so whatever it is you probably deserve it.

Jade sits in silence. They pull up to a small, rundown parade of shops. As they pull up, there is a sign saying “Grove Hill- Willard Square Shops”.


Paper and Sambuca. Don’t be bloody long.

JADE gets out of the car and goes into a shop, ‘Martin’s off licence’. She goes in and nods her head to the Asian man behind the till. She picks up a newspaper and two bottles of Sambuca Vodka.


(To the man behind the till)

You alright Ali? Everything okay?


Okay I guess. They for your mum?

Jade nods and hands over a ten pound note to the man and takes the bottle and paper. She smiles at the man as she exits. As she opens the door, a group of three girls bump into her making her drop the bag with the bottles of vodka and paper in. She falls on the floor.



JADE realises who the girls are, and looks sheepish. She gets up and dusts herself off. She picks up the bag and the bottles start clinking.


Oh look. It’s Jade. Are you an alcoholic now too?


She’s been crying, look!

The girls all laugh. JADE goes to walk around them and they stop her. They push her and she nearly trips over. She pushes them back and the girls gasp and start laughing harder.


Oi, knock it off girls, if you’re not going to buy anything then get out.

JADE leaves the shop and goes outside to walk back to the car. GIRL 2 grabs her plait and yanks it harshly. JADE turns around and pushes the girl.


Be careful, she might try and touch our boobs. That’s why she never does PE, so she can sit and watch us get changed.

JADE swings for one of the girls. Her fist connects with the side of the girl’s face. The girl stumbles back and then the other girls jump on top of JADE punching and kicking her. Jade curls up into a ball on the floor as they kick her in the stomach. MUM gets slowly out of the car and starts to grab the girls off her.



Get the fuck up. (Turns to the girls, calmly) Why are you beating her up?

The girls look worried and back up hurriedly. They look at each other and begin to speak.

Girl 1

She kissed Ava Rischto.

Girl 2

She’s a lesbian.

Girl 3

She just tried touching our boobs. She’s a lesbian paedophile!

MUM looks at Jade for a second. She goes up to one of the girls and throws them in the opposite direction and screams a high pitched scream in the girls face. She turns back to Jade and grabs her by the hair and drags her to the car leaving the paper and the bottles of vodka on the floor. She opens the back car door and throws Jade in. She shuts the door, goes back for the bottles and then gets into the driver’s seat.


(Crying and shouting)

MUM! I didn’t do anything! I swear! Please! It’s just a childish rumour that got spread about me. I promise! What are you doing? Why…


I have a fucking lesbian for a daughter. (Louder and getting angrier) A fucking lesbian!

MUM continues to scream homophobic slurs the whole ride home whilst JADE just sits crying in the back rubbing her head. As they pull up to the house, MUM gets out but locks the car doors. JADE sits back into the seat and a tear rolls down her face as she knows what is about to happen. MUM enters the terraced house in front of the car. A moment later she drags an older girl out of the house and puts her in the garage next to where the car is parked. She locks the door with a set of keys and turns towards the car. She walks over to the door, unlocks the car and drags Jade into the house by her shirt.




Did you or did you not kiss that Ava bitch?


Of course not mum!


(Shouting, getting closer to JADE’s face)

Then why would they say that? Ava stayed here just before you started school, is that when it happened? In my fucking house?

When Jade doesn’t answer for a while, her mother comes at her with a belt and strikes her on the back of her legs.



MUM! Please! Stop!


(Screaming in Jade's ear)

I’m fucking done with you! Why would Ava want to kiss you? Not even a rapist would want you! I am not having an abomination in this house.

MUM continues to beat JADE with the belt whilst grabbing at her and scratching her. MUM grabs her hair and whips her around whilst continuing her beating. JADE crumples against a wall with several lashes along her bare arms. Her school shirt is torn and there is blood coming from her lip. JADE cowers in the corner and crying. MUM yanks back on JADE’s hair and throws her across the floor. Jade is on her front spread across the floor, struggling to get up. Her mother stands up and places a foot on her neck. She pulls up Jade’s shirt and lashes her back. Jade stops crying and screaming suddenly. She goes limp and lies on the floor silently taking the lashes. After a while her mother drags her up and throws her in the under stairs cupboard.


MUM is drunk and singing. She opens the cupboard door and takes Jade’s hand and helps her up.


You sorted yourself out?

JADE doesn’t reply but stands awkwardly supporting herself against the wall. She looks at MUM and raises her eyebrow. Her mother nods giving her silent permission to leave the room. She walks slowly upstairs towards her bedroom. As she walks into her room there are the words ‘STUPID LEZBIAN’ spray painted across her wall and everything in her room thrown about and trashed.


JADE and sister ELLIE are sitting watching TV cuddled up on a bed. ELLIE seems distracted, keeps looking out the window. A smash of a bottle is heard from downstairs and then a loud thump. ELLIE gets up, opens the door and looks down the stairs. She looks back at Jade and nods.


She’s still going. I haven't seen her this bad in a while. You shouldn't have said anything Jade!



I didn’t. I know how mum feels about… it.


Do you know for sure that you are… (gives a look instead of saying the word lesbian)?


(After a pause, quietly)

Ava kissed me when she stayed over here. I don’t know how people found out. I didnt tell a soul. I didn't even want her to stay but her mum was in hospital and mum said she could. I don't know anything. She denies even being friends with me and yet I still care about her. And now mum wants to kill me.


Is that so bad though? You can leave and… she won’t care.


Where am I supposed to go?


Anywhere but here Jay! Leaving was the best thing I ever did. The only reason I still come back is so I can look after you and I can't even seem to do that. Come on, let me take a look at your back. Is it still sore? Did you wash it?

JADE nods and ELLIE looks at her and smiles sympathetically. As JADE gets up to take off her shirt, she catches a glimpse of her back in the mirror. She stands for a moment staring at her body. It’s covered in scars along her back, legs and wrists. ELLIE starts tending to JADE’s cut back when she sees the cuts on her wrists. ELLIE harshly grabs her wrist and brings it up in front of JADE’s face.


Don’t. Don’t do this. It’s not worth it. She’s going to be alone one day. You won’t ever be alone. Not while I'm alive.

JADE smiles at ELLIE and they embrace each other. JADE goes back and lies on the bed, bending down with great difficulty. There is a knock at the front door but nobody goes to answer it. ELLIE’s face drops and she goes over to hug JADE. ELLIE puts her finger to her lips to tell JADE to be quiet. A few moments pass and suddenly a pair of police officers burst into the bedroom to the sight of JADE laying topless on the bed.

Police Officer 1


What the…?

Police Officer 2

(Into his radio)

PC 04728 at the premises now. I spoke to the next door neighbour and Harry is taking their statement now on any noises and a history. Yeah… Severe cuts, most likely from a belt, all over the youngest girl’s back. The sister looks terrified. The mother is passed out on the floor. I’m bringing the girls in because we aren't getting a section 20 anytime soon. Can you get the paramedic to meet us at the station? Thanks. (Turns to ELLIE) You’re an adult, but do you want to accompany her?


Why else would I have called you?

Jade gets up and looks through the hallway towards her unconscious mother and lowers her head. The police officer hurriedly wraps his coat around Jade and lifts her up. He takes hold of Ellie’s shoulder and takes them to the car parked outside. A radio noise is made as the police officer presses a button on his shoulder radio.

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