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Rupa Islan
Jul 31, 2022
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With the gradual improvement of people's income and living standards, more and more people are not only satisfied with long-distance travel to improve their quality of life, but are willing to spend their weekends to participate in local leisure and entertainment activities and surrounding tours. (also called excursions), this is undoubtedly a Buy email list way to enrich your life. The Bida Consulting report shows that in 2016, the number of tourists in the domestic online peripheral travel market was 189.516 million, and the market size reached 21.94 billion yuan, an increase of 45.7% and 38.7% respectively, higher than the overall growth rate of the online travel market. The author believes that the size of the weekend market will continue to grow in the future, and the scale can even reach hundreds of billions of yuan. The prospects are very promising. Data from Bida Consulting’s report shows that in the 2016 online peripheral travel market structure, Tongcheng Travel continued to rank first with a share of 30.1%, and the combined share of the top three exceeded 60%, further enhancing the market concentration. In addition to surrounding tours, urban activities are also an important part of the weekend market. Most urban young people are trapped in a few pings of work or dozens of pings of space. Speculation, in addition to eating with three or five friends, singing karaoke, and watching movies, more and more young people are staying at home. Most people sing on KTV, play LOL in Internet cafes, watch movies, and go shopping in shopping malls for entertainment. Young people's entertainment and leisure show a trend of monotonous flavor. More and more young people are tired of current entertainment, but can't find interesting, fun and novel leisure activities. If there are more different and interesting urban activities provided, this will encourage more young people to participate in urban activities and make urban activities a way of life for them on weekends.
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Rupa Islan

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